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Dead Plate
 is a short 2D restaurant tycoon themed rpg horror game with visual novel and point-and-click elements  set in 1960s France following the story of a lively waiter named Rody trying to make as much money as possible in a week at a fancy bistro owned by a charismatic and successful chef, Vince.



:: RachelDrawsThis 
:: Ekrix

:: BellKalengar

:: Original soundtrack
:: 70+ CGs + 8 maps
:: Classic restaurant tycoon styled gameplay
:: Character-driven story with 8k+ of dialogue

:: 1 hour  20 ~ 30 minutes for an ending
:: Up to 3 hours in total for completion

:: 4
(+ Different dialogues and hidden secrets/details)

Here's the official endings guide for those who may need it. 


:: ESP (Spanish/Español) by Heroaureo
:: JP (Japanese) by わにゃおん
:: RUS (Russian) by Evil and Debil team
:: zh-CN (Simplified Chinese/Mandarin) by 青灯不弈



:: TWs include: 
graphic death, blood, gore, violence, cannibalism, eyestrain, disturbing imagery and audio.

There may be spoilers in the comments section of this page, try your best to avoid it until finishing the game!


- If you can't seem to interact with objects, make sure you're pressing the correct direction (press arrow keys first) before pressing [Z]. 

- If you can't seem to clean up a table,
 try pressing [Z] from the bottom right side of the table.

- There is a very inconsistent body double glitch where sometimes two protagonist sprites show up rather than one at the very end of one of the endings. If this ocrrus, please ignore.


All tips and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Support us by leaving a tip when downloading the game
or on Ko-fi for the studio's future game development!

Thank you for dining at La Gueule de Saturne, 
hope you enjoy the game!

Updated 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(715 total ratings)
Authorsracheldrawsthis, Rix, STUDIO INVESTIGRAVE
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Horror, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Story Rich, Tycoon


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I'm literally gonna pass away I WISH I HAD AN IPHONE SO BADDD (android user 😞)

Deleted 5 hours ago
Deleted 5 hours ago

Rody: "EW! Do you also serve  human meat to the costumers?!"

Vincent: "?? Wtf no, I may be a cannibal but I'm an Sheff too, dummy."

I love the time management gameplay! It took a little getting used to, but I ended up enjoying it. Exploring the endings was really fun!
(1 edit) (+1)

The controls are really wonky and I've encountered a few game breaking bugs along the way (like disappearing sprites).

The way through which you get the phone call is very organic, I like that the game rewards you for snooping around. The story is good, I like that the narrative is self-contained and easy to follow, but it’s rather one-note and predictable. It really left me with more questions than I’d started with, especially about everything pertaining to Vince.

I’ve considered playing it again and finding all of the easter eggs, connecting the dots and whatnot, but unless there’s some secret fifth ‘true’ ending, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Loved it, I finished all four endings and enjoyed them!

Please can we make a web version

did all the pre requesits to receive the phone call and I STILL DIDN'T GET IT please help...i need to see the other 3 endings...

I can´t get past day 3 because one costumer won´t let me sit them down and I don´t know what to do :(

Loving this. I used to play those restaurant sort of games and it's nostalgic for me. The story is also great, and the artstyle.

I have trouble playing this because Mac hates me but can anyone please help?-

I had the same issue but for me personally I just had to update my mac system cause I had an update I missed- after that it still closed on its own a few times but no more errors, so I just had to open it over and over few times until it worked, hope that can be bit helpful, fuck mac bro 🙏😭


i love this game so far. is there a way to change the key bind? like changing the movement key to wasd 


i keep missing the daily quota because i spend most of my time spamming Z to pick up the dishes - is there a fix for this?? i keep having to walk back and forth and keep clicking z before it does anything


same thing happened to me :’)


I loved seeing streamers playing this but for the life of me... I CANNOT INTERACT WITH THE THING THAT TAKES ORDER. It sometimes works but most of the time, even though I am right in front of it, It wont take it ... I'm sad...


I have an idea, maybe you could do a part two where Vincent managed to survive 


Does it work on an iPhone? Cuz I downloaded it on my phone and am patiently waiting for it to download 


i LOVED this game, fast paced and the controls were easy to figure out after some time, better on PC, other then that its a great game with great characters and graphics. recommend 100%

Deleted 1 day ago

i have the same problem! 


the gameplay is criticized a lot but for some reason i really enjoy how repetitive and clunky it is. working to get all the endings so far and it's been pretty fun!


If you can't tell by my name.. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

It is hard to actually play (controls, not being able to pick things up/interact with things and people). HOWEVERRRRR.. the story draws you in, and makes you want to see what happens next! I personally love games like that. 

Basically if you like stories that are more disturbing rather then "scary", you should play other games made by the developer as well. (I LOVED THEM ALL!!)


Y'all idk if its just me but I cannot, for the life of me, FIGURE OUT WHAT BUTTON TO CLICK FOR THE QTEs?? I genuinely went through to get the "Best Served Hot" ending, and not a single one worked. That might just be me, but I had to watch a play through to see the ending.

On a better note, this was fun! I loved the story. I was so invested, I played the entire game, got all endings [and up to the points accessible to me] and interacted with everything I could. Characters? Epic. Story? Rad. And I love arrow keys, that was pretty great!! I will say that I found the gameplay, like... really fun. It got a bit buggy at time, but it was preventable if I sat customers quick enough. It was fun having to rush back and fourth, haha! I, unfortunately, didn't figure out about the catalogue until I had played through every ending and just needed the matches. i got pretty good, though, so I didn't end up needing them, anyways! Fun game, man. loved it.


it’s a pretty good game. The only problem is.. I’m having those urge to make gay ships and those two… gosh.. SHIP

This game is giving me the fanart itch..


The game is absolutely raw. If you want to tell an interesting story with pictures, draw a comic or write a visual novel. Buttons do not activate, characters are glitchy and impossible to interact with. Moreover, the developer created a large number of beautiful cg, but was too lazy to draw additional sprites of how Rody turns sideways or backwards (which is NECESSARY in games of this genre). This is simply unthinkable and very, very bad. I'm happy with the aesthetics, the characters, the story, but it's a game first and foremost. It loses all meaning if you don't play it properly. I'm upset. Save your nerves, please


Yeah i thought the game keys things was just happening to me



It actually looks so good but my stupid computer is not downloading it 😭


it glitches so much i actually am so stressed


story seems interesting, but gameplay feels too redundant and inconvenient, which outweighs the story and visuals for me

I want merch, this game was gorgeous! (gore-geous?)


the arrow controls are killing me help


Do NOT get a laptop with a big right and left keys with small little baby up and down keys 😭😭

(1 edit)

I don't know why, but every time I closed the game my save files would get deleted. I got through the game just fine, but I feel like this may be a bit of a problem.

overall though, I loved it a lot and especially the characters. definitely one of my favourites now <3

i've been dealing with this problem too, idk how to fix it 😭

(1 edit) (+2)

really wanna play this but i can NOT deal w the arrow key movement


i want so badly to enjoy this game but i genuinely cannot get past day one :(  i try to put the ticket up and it won't respond, i try to pick up the plate and it won't respond, i try to take people's order and it won't respond (on occasion it does, but only if I'm standing either behind their chair or behind their sprite, and whichever one works changes based on their seating placement) i've heard so much about the story and wanted to play it on my own but i physically cannot </3

try holding the arrow of the direction you are aiming towards and then press z! for example, keep holding the up arrow and then press z when you want to put up the ticket.

thanks so much!! it works with that, but it also doesn’t hurt that I have shift held down with a weight lol


whenever im walking sideways and have to interact with something it wont work :(



they're gay



The writer(s) must have know all the homo-coded subtext they put in, all that can't be an accident.


cant we have w a s d in the movement😭😭‼️‼️🗣️🗣️ what about us keybaord users without any arrows keys

I loved this game :)

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)


story? good. dialogue? good. gameplay? ... uhhh...

see bold for each part of review

(side-note, if anyones reading this before playing the game, save on multiple slots, use tip jar during early-game for the free money. and use cologne mid to late-game. doing these things will make getting other endings a lot easier)

ill start with the upgrades system. I love upgrades, progression systems, etc... this one sucks. I never really felt any need to use anything but the roller-skates, cologne, or the tip jar. most of the upgrades were incredibly situational and weren't really required. 

it would help a lot if I could use more than one upgrade. thats really my main issue with the system, a lot of the upgrades (trash can in particular) should be just permanent upgrades that don't have to be equipped. I think a good compromise is to make some items equippable, and make others permanent upgrades.

also why isn't there an upgrade for maximum orders being cooked and chefs cooking speed???

on a different topic, the game is very particular on where you can interact. want to talk to the customer? go behind his chair. want to grab the plates on the table? go to the back side of the table.

this gets pretty annoying when you have to micro-manage like 8 different customers late game. (cologne on top)

final big issue... kinda just got very boring after day 4. thats it. story/dialogue kept me playing though. i have a few nitpicks/other small issues but these are just the main ones dont wanna bloat the comment too much more


also pls make sequel called "stab the vince" where its cookie clicker but everytime u click u stab vince in the eye

dead 😭😭💀💀

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