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"Fine words and an insinuating appearance 

are seldom associated with true virtue."

You have been told that the pastor of your church had suddenly passed away last night.

As you helped with his wife's funeral not so long ago,
you were assigned to assist the pastor's funeral service today as well.

But as soon as you were about to start the service, you hear a strange voice in your head...

Eloquent Countenance is a short 2.5D RPG Maker horror/narrative-driven game with visual novel/adventure elements following the story of a nun who was selected by the church to assist in progressing the pastor's funeral service suddenly hearing a strange voice who claims to be a "guardian angel". 

She must choose between following through with the instructions given to her or acting on her own.

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✧ Development & Story & Graphics ✧


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30-40 Minutes

✧ Number of Endings ✧

Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run

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This was a game made for a Korean RPG Maker game jam/contest where you were challenged to make a full game using only one map/setting in-game, so the game might feel short/less dynamic. 

This is also the very first game I have properly finished and in only 18 days at that so the mechanics, puzzles, and storytelling might be a little wacky but I am looking to improve in the future!

All tips and feedback are greatly appreciated, 

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Fantastic game! :D


I liked how it was short yet very intriguing! #amazinggame would visit a demonic funeral again

Which version of RPG Maker was this made in? : o


This was amazing! 


This was fun, hope to see more of your work

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This is a well-made RPG maker game, I recommend it! The "2.5D" graphics is also quite unique, it's not something that's done very often for this type of engine. Here's my own playthrough if anyone wants to take a look:

I'm actually surprised how practically everything is made by one person. To me, it seems that the art, story, and game design are all created by someone who already has professional experience!

Looking back, I think I misunderstood the narrative a little by mixing up the names (but that's really my own fault), otherwise I'm a fan of how it unfolds and it stands well on its own as a self-contained story. However, I would say this style has a lot of potential for more games if necessary. Maybe more adventures within the world, or something else entirely? But anyways, I look forward to any future projects!


This was a DELIGHT to play, I loved the atmosphere you created with it!! The art is also beautiful and expressive <3 Really well done, I enjoyed it a lot.



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I made a YouTube video of me reviewing this amazing game. Really well done.

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I enjoyed the writing, character designs and music choices a lot. My favorite things were the character illustrations and Forcas's characterization. This is a great first game!

A few minor nitpicks:

* A few important game objects are easy to miss. Namely the save/prayer object and the books with clues.

* Being able to instantly fill the textbox by pressing X or some other key would be great.

* While not a huge deal, the columns often obstruct the view and it can get annoying if they cover something important (the nun you gotta report to in this case).

* If the candles were bigger, it would feel more impactful and satisfying to lit them up (a bit of lighting would also help). It would also make it easier to keep track of which ones are lit (this might seem dumb but it's important given the next bit).

My major issue was that the frames tanked a LOT (dipped to around 2 or 3 FPS) through most of the game (it tended to get worse the further into the church I went). I don't think it's a hardware issue since I can run most games fine/have a decent GPU.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and I would love to see more of it or other projects in the future!

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I love the artstyle and color pallet of this game and it was really fun, especially Forcas's character - what a trustworthy and angelic name for him by the way lol - the art of the hands in the game was done really well so that's more liking of the art. Also I liked Forcas's character design & how he didn't just look like some perfect angel and I liked how the main character's (is her name a spoiler?) hair was drawn. Also x2 the sticker Forcas gives us is great though not tangible
All in all, fun to play and short but not rushed game with pretty art and character designs.


Gotta say, kinda sad our 2 endings are both depressing - one just less so. Unless the first ending means that Angelica could hopefully be able to go back to her day-to-day eventually rather than her just having to trudge on until she can rest where she then gets her salvation aka not being erased and instead going Somewhere after death. It's ironic that when you pick the option of Forcas being a Demon in our opinion, he mocks being a Demon and while mocking them asks us to give him our body, which is what a Demon would do and definitely not what an Angel like him would do - but you find a certain Fallen Angel would later lol. Another kind of funny/ironic thing is when Forcas tries to get you into doing what he says, he tells us the reward is having him as a Guardian Angel, having us never get hurt & having all troubling things poofed away but the ending shows... well... decidedly not that. THIS IS KIND OF LONG MY BAD BUT ONE LAST THING. I like how the main character's name, the human part of the MC at least, is Angelica. In the book we can read about names, it gives two definitions, "Angel" and "the messenger of God" - it's interesting & I like how the "Angel" part of her name can connect to the Fallen Angel part of the main character, and the "messenger of God" part can connect to how our MC can speak to the Angel Forcas, a messenger of God (or it can also again connect to the MC being a Fallen Angel as angels are messengers). Even if you didn't name her with that kind of thinking in mind, it's still interesting nonetheless :) 


i absolutely love the game and it's artstyle, also I'm in love with forcas


I just went back to the page to say the game was so g0o0o0od <3


10/10 will visit a funeral service again