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"Fine words and an insinuating appearance 

are seldom associated with true virtue."

You have been told that the pastor of your church had suddenly passed away last night.

As you helped with his wife's funeral not so long ago,
you were assigned to assist the pastor's funeral service today as well.

But as soon as you were about to start the service, you hear a strange voice in your head...

Eloquent Countenance is a short 2.5D RPG Maker horror/narrative-driven game with visual novel/adventure elements following the story of a nun who was selected by the church to assist in progressing the pastor's funeral service suddenly hearing a strange voice who claims to be a "guardian angel". 

She must choose between following through with the instructions given to her or acting on her own.

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✧ Development & Story & Graphics ✧


✧ Estimated Play Time ✧

30-40 Minutes

✧ Number of Endings ✧

Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run

✧ Available Translations ✧

KR (Korean) by RachelDrawsThis
pt-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
by Tea Party Project
zh-CN (Simplified Chinese/Mandarin) by 青灯不弈

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This was a game made for a Korean RPG Maker game jam/contest where you were challenged to make a full game using only one map/setting in-game, so the game might feel short/less dynamic. 

This is also the very first game I have properly finished and in only 18 days at that so the mechanics, puzzles, and storytelling might be a little wacky but I am looking to improve in the future!

All tips and feedback are greatly appreciated, 

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
Authorsracheldrawsthis, STUDIO INVESTIGRAVE
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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(spoilers) ok but the way this ended i could totally see a sequel with her like trying to escape the church or get rid of that angel or something


Out of all of your games, this was surprisingly my favorite (close second is Elevator Hitch). I love the pacing, the story, and the twist. Thank you!


guys help whats the code to the cage- im so stuck rn ;-

I think it was 5521 or something, if you search up some walkthroughs it should be there!

Tysm :)

it wont download on macbook 😭 it says file isn't available on site

Can you add it to Android?


great game with great lore! only two complaint: kind of laggy, and it kinda gets confusing to know what youre supposed to do when you dont pay enough attention/ dont understand the texts


I finished one of the endings and I have so many questions (SPOILERS)

The Fallen Angel's possession is something that really confused me. I thought that Forcas had possessed the nun and the voice that was taling directly to the player at the end was God. This was because at the end, they say "Who knew an angel could go so low enough as to take over the human they were supposed to look after.". Later, I realised that this didnt make sense because God was referred to in the third person. 

Then I thought that we (the player) were the fallen angel, and that the voice was Forcas calling us out on it. It kind of makes sense from a meta POV, since the player literally controls the MC, hence the terms 'playable character' and 'non-playable character'. This was spurred on by the line "Just like how you in that girl's body... ...Are playing your part as the "beloved wife of the pastor who miraculously came back to life".". 

Also, I thought about the line "Even if you are the host now, Angelica will gain back control.". Once again, this is pretty meta thought. Since this is the end, the player (obviously) can't play beyond this point. This means that the player (also obviously) can no longer control the nun (now Angelica). However, at this point, the game hasn't ended yet. Which means the player is in control for now.

i forgot the rest

Please share your thoughts and any theories with me

In my opinion, the player is both the angel and Angelica (since they're said to be a merged consciousness in the same body) depending on your ending Forcas either sees that Angelica's consciousness is stronger, or the angel's is.

What interested me is how no matter which ending you get, Forcas is on your side. In the "silent salvation" ( where you prove Angelica is conscious) he's openly against the angel possessing Angelica and promises to help her regain control of her mind.

While in the other ending, when you don't act like the pastor's wife would, the people of the church turn against you. But Forcas is saddened by your fate, saying he wanted you to act as the wife to buy you (the angel) time and help you survive in the human world.

I hope my rant made sense, what I mean in the end is that what Forcas tells you to do is always the good thing for you, no matter if you end up the Angel or Angelica. He's always changing his reason for making you act like the wife, so it looks like he wants to help.


I couldn't really understand both endings well :"( could someone explain or like a video explaining?

i need like a sequel of this game like rn


Dude I'm stupid and can't figure out what to do with Forcas' donut clue can someone help a poor soul


just finished playing all of ya games and this game encountered to be the last one. nah but really, how do you come up with such AMAZING yet horrible stories like thiissssss JKNKJHVJKGDHFJVH??????!!!!!!!!!!

what dou mean horrible??

I think they mean horrible as in despairing or "scary". Hope this helps!


Really great game and story. Like, really, how did you even come up with this story?

i downloaded the game and exported the zip file like the file says but i cannot find the "game" program. And it only has happened with this game specifically. I have the other ones and im able to find the program just fine

i need to ask did u ever solve this problem?? im having the same issue 

this game was actually insane, one of the best I have ever played by far. Especially our angel dilf man 😍

Halfway through the game it crashed and started displaying this error message?


I already had it in applications

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Absolutely amazing plot, I loved this game and I highly recommend it. Also for those asking how to save files, there's a tablet or plaque - like object on the last table down the aisle on the right. Clicking on it will show a save option.  


Forcas 🙏

i love angelica.. mixed feelings on angel boy over here


I had a question while playing this, Is angelica the dead wife or is she the nun? ive tried to re do it to figure it out but im just not getting it.

Deleted 49 days ago

(↓This review contains serious spoilers, please choose with caution whether to watch or not)



In the ending of choosing to listen to Forcas and not save the man in the cage, we can see that at the end Forcas says to us: "I'm sorry, Angelica.It will be painful, but until the day I can properly salvage you, you must persevere". So we can be sure that Angelica is the poor nun who was robbed of her body.

It is mentioned in the game that fallen angels will rob the bodies of living people in order to survive in the human world. These fallen angels will bewitch humanity and deceive them into resurrecting their loved ones by simply offering a body. And the fallen angels, after successfully attaining the new body, will pretend to be the resurrected one. In fact, the pastor and the others were deceived into thinking that the soul in the new body was the priest's wife who had risen from the dead, but in fact the dead pastor's wife would never come back, and the soul that had taken over the new body was nothing more than the fallen angel, who was just pretending to be the resurrected one.

Angelica is the poor nun who was sacrificed to the fallen angel in order to resurrect the priest's wife, but fortunately she is not completely dead, her consciousness and the fallen angel exist in this body at the same time. In the ending of choosing to save people, people will find out that Angelica, who should have died, is still alive, and people will kill the real Angelica, so that the fallen angel will completely take over this body. Everything is a hoax, and if the real Angelica is a kind nun, then her kindness will make her die completely, on the contrary, if she completely ignores the poor person who is frantically begging for help, she can save herself from death, which is ironic.


this helped me understand more thanks


he's so babygirl





I always play all your games daily,it's like a breather honestly!

Amazing game! Beautiful art and the 2.5D looked so cool! Very interesting story that took an unexpected turn of events. I loved it <333


I would love more games from the Dev Team


trying to leave a comment on every single game I love is hard. But yeah please play this one and everything else this creator ever makes. If I could I would wipe my memories to play them for the first time again.

I honesetly LOVE your games, your games are one of the very few I enjoy in here!

Great game! Short, but fun! Coming back to this after Elevator Hitch is interesting. I'm on a kick of your games recently, so I'm looking forward to experiencing them all. 


For me, the largest source of horror that came from the first ending in particular was the implication that Angelica + the fallen angel would have to live as the pastor's dead wife until Forcas can find a way to save them. Ah, to be forced to play the part of a dead woman who had a life that you know nothing about. And a restrictive looking one at that, if the whole emphasis on everything being "perfect" was any indication for that (trial or not, there's obviously something that's been wrong with this church for a while). Especially considering the pastor is alive, meaning this poor girl had to pretend to be his wife. Eugh. Though I suppose the real victim in all this is Angelica, since this wouldn't have happened if the fallen angel didn't tell the church that they could bring back the pastor's wife.


Props on the creative use of the RPG Maker engine! The only drawback was that the lag was pretty bad on my laptop which made the QTE event impossible for me to complete, so I watched a let's play for one of the endings. The plot is so good though that it was more than worth it!!


This is a really nice short horror game! I love games that are in this style! Super fun and nice little creepy atmosphere! Only thing I wish the items that you can interact with where a bit more obvious


hi this is a great game but my saves don't work! I can't seem to make a save file


Pretty interesting, puzzling game! Short but effective, with a cute art style


It is just in Mac but I can't save? The save option only showed bunch of Korean words I think, I tried clicking it many times and nothing change. Please help! It's really hard to play without being able to save it.

same here! my save function doesn't work!


Wow...!! Super interesting story, cute and funny moments in between parts and I liked the endings! I got spooked during it alot ahaha but I still really enjoyed this game. much love!


This wasn't even fun.... just depressing :(

I really enjoyed this game. The 2.D graphics was something I haven't really seen in a game before so I thought that was interesting. I also really love your art style.


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i always love ur games' characterisation/designs and gameplay style !! 

i think the only frustrating thing here was- because the frame rate is so low, some actions are delayed and it's really hard to input the number combination in time.

other than that, the storyline was really unique and i hope u continue to make awesome games like this :D



Is the player supposed to be a Fallen Angel processing Angelica? That would explain why Forcas breaks the fourth wall often.


Fantastic game! :D


I liked how it was short yet very intriguing! #amazinggame would visit a demonic funeral again

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