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Augustine and Winnie have always been together their whole childhood. Ever since elementary school up until now, when they have graduated high school. They were inseparable.

But now that Winnie got accepted to his university, he is soon leaving town. The two decide to spend their last day together before his move.

Not long after they hopped into Winnie's car, they suddenly find themselves trapped in a freezing blizzard.

... It's currently July.

Cold Front is a short 2.5D RPG Maker horror/narrative-driven game with visual novel/adventure elements following the story of two childhood friends, Augustine and Winnie, suddenly being trapped in a freezing blizzard even though it's the summer. The two have to work together to escape the chilling dangers they are suddenly forced into.

═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══

✥ Development & Story & Graphics ✥


✥ Estimated Play Time ✥

45 Minutes - 1 hour

✥ Number of Endings ✥

Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run

✥ Available Translations ✥

KR (Korean) by RachelDrawsThis
pt-BR  (Brazilian Portuguese)
by Tea Party Project
zh-CN (Simplified Chinese/Mandarin) by 青灯不弈

═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══

This was a game made for a Korean RPG Maker game jam/contest where you were challenged to make a full game in under a month.

This is the second game I have ever developed and in just 25 days at that so the mechanics, puzzles and storytelling might feel a little short/less-dynamic, but I am looking to improve in the future!

All tips and feedback are greatly appreciated, 

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(339 total ratings)
Authorsracheldrawsthis, STUDIO INVESTIGRAVE
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Short, Story Rich


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Made me cry really hard... great heartwarming game

hello. Rachel. this is going to be my most honest review of your game.

this game has enlightened me. it has changed my thoughts about everything and myself. the good ending has brought me to tears because of how good it was. this whole game changed the directory of my life in just a single hour. the designs, the artwork, the story compliment eachother so well that i cannot believe that this was done in 25 days. please never stop making these extraordinary games for all of us.

thank you, rachel

from moodyfarty


hiii how do u guys press the save button for the memory? i tried pressing it but it doesn't work :((


ACTUALLY SOBIBING I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH (also for mac user who cant save download the itch app and play it on there, that fixed my saving problem)

This is swell so far and Ive only just started! I love your art style!


Man what a game! Looking forward to playing the rest of your games :)


guys i think i may be a baby but i was hysterically crying on both of the endings. but i am now obsessed with this 10/10

nope, not the only one, I cried too.

This is certainly a game I won't get over anytime soon. Just, perfection. The art, the writing, the dialogues, the narrative, the settings... God, what a BEAUTIFUL game!! I want to have what they have.


Es totalmente recomendable 

Hey, does anyone know how to get the chase scene to work properly? Everytime I do it, it lags and I end up dying


not rly a fix, but i experienced the same issue and died like probably 10 times lol. what worked for me is basically just starting out the chase scene by running in the center and then switching to the right side. running by the very right lets you avoid most of the obstacles and avoid the monster despite the game lagging. or at least it worked for me lol. good luck!!

same thing happened to me on my first playthrough (not a fix sorry)


lets go gang, we beat our lack of communication 

Yall... I just finished the good ending(Which I got first) and now I don't wanna try and get the other ending!(ToT) But on another note, I really liked this game. It was very cute and made me laugh and cry. Then again, I've only played the good ending and don't plan on playing the other cuz I don't want to be depressed so I don't know for sure.🤷🏻‍♀️

I started to cry at the good ending...



played with my best friend and this is now my 2nd favorite game of all time 10/10


every coming-of-age story needs a horrifying, supernatural confrontation with your friend! they are friends...right? ;)


they are GAY for eachother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


real !!!

ur so goated i saw this game from another gameplay and fell in luvv, cant wait to play <33


Almost cried both endings. It's like the ending I'd expect from Studio Investigrave AND an ending where they actually, you know, solve their issue. It's great, I won't have to write fanfiction to console myself after a particularly harrowing ending this time. 10/10, would recommend.


The ending where you don't push him off, literally made me cry so hard, (i'm probably just a sissy but DAMN that ending was so good) 

idea: Make a part 2 of this game where Winnie actually went to another college then both Winnie and Augustine meet up at the other college


Hi! just started playing and i cant get past the chase scene, i keep dying no matter what i do ive been playing for almost an hour now and idk if im playing wrong or... (ToT)


try pressing shift to run! :D

had the same problem too, refresh the game and u might b able to run then

nella parte in cui si devescappare lagga arrivo alla fine e mi uccide ugualmente


Im playing on mac and I cannot save, someone pls help me out bro


I didnt cried while playing it. Totally. Its not a lie.
(I didn't even had a heart to do the bad ending T-T)


thinking about how they actually have a good ending with this one comparing to... well...

really cute tho I love them so much asdjskah uhhuhuhasdjkahdg


10/10 o love this game and all the other projects made by this person i love all of their games this one being my favorite would recommend


why couldn’t they exchange numbers before he left 😭 




Why!?Why on hell i get that true nice ending at first? It makes me feel like i am boring the pair apart when i'm trying to get both endings




i sobbed when i had to push him down the stairs (I was tryna get both endings


Decided to play it after watching Kubzscouts play Death Plate, these games are sick i love em


i couldn't push him I COULDN'T SDHFBSNAJKSDFH probably the first game that's actually made me cry ughhhhhhh


OMG I LOOOVE THIS GAME- the only issue is that at the first chase scene with the monster I can't sprint for some reason, which makes me die :P. I 100% recommend to get this though it's an amazing game with amazing backstory and LORE so far.


Ough, this game absolutely warmed my heart. Communication is such a beautiful thing.

OMG That's a really good and touched story😭 I feel like my life is worth it. They are both cute little cakes, Ah my dead body felt warmed now.

I love this game so far! the only issue is that for some reason it wouldn't let me save (on Mac), but other than that I haven't had any issues :]


HOLY this game was a work of art! I coudn't get past the monster's escape since the game never properly loaded, so I had to watch a gameplay, but it was still great. Can't wait to see more games from racheldrawsthis

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