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Augustine and Winnie have always been together their whole childhood. Ever since elementary school up until now, when they have graduated high school. They were inseparable.

But now that Winnie got accepted to his university, he is soon leaving town. The two decide to spend their last day together before his move.

Not long after they hopped into Winnie's car, they suddenly find themselves trapped in a freezing blizzard.

... It's currently July.

Cold Front is a short 2.5D RPG Maker horror/narrative-driven game with visual novel/adventure elements following the story of two childhood friends, Augustine and Winnie, suddenly being trapped in a freezing blizzard even though it's the summer. The two have to work together to escape the chilling dangers they are suddenly forced into.

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✥ Development & Story & Graphics ✥


✥ Estimated Play Time ✥

45 Minutes - 1 hour

✥ Number of Endings ✥

Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run

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This was a game made for a Korean RPG Maker game jam/contest where you were challenged to make a full game under a month.

This is the second game I ever developed and in just 25 days at that so the mechanics, puzzles and storytelling might feel a little short/less-dynamic, but I am looking to improve in the future!

All tips and feedbacks are greatly appreciated, 

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!


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This was really beautiful! I enjoyed it a lot. Winnie is great <3


This game was absolutely beautiful, and I had an amazing time playing it. The artwork and visuals were absolutely gorgeous, and the story was fantastic. I also loved the friendship between Winnie and Augustine. We don't get enough stories about genuine male friendships, so I really enjoyed seeing one here. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try. It is amazing. 😁




splendid game!


Great story and super emotive, fun character art!


This game brought me to TEARS I tell you-

My god, love the writing and art, everything's so good!!! love your work <3


shotputted myself straight into this game after elevator hitch, 10/10 a well put together game for something made within a month!!! bravo!!


Hi! Sorry if this about to get lengthy and very hectic but - 

I absolutely adored this game, and it actually hit so close to home for me, Auggie being so very relatable in many aspects (without getting too corny here lol). The visuals are stunning as always (your style never disappoints wow), and I think you paced this incredibly well for such a short game???

I do want to ask out of curiosity: have you perhaps read A Separate Peace by John Knowles? TLDR; Gene feels Finny is surpassing him in everything, but still forcing himself to believe they're the 'best of friends' and there are no issues, until he intentionally (but indirectly) handicaps Finny for life. It's also a coming-of-age story about projecting your insecurities on your closest friend who excels at everything because they admire you and denying your own responsibility/feelings, and I could see some similarities so just wondering :0

Lovely game as always, thank you for making it !!


aaaa this whole game was so good hngg T-T

the art style was just gorgeous and the gameplay was pretty unique n fun!!


gosh, the cyclic narrative and metaphorical title askdjcnjsdfn i love <3

i wanted to trust winnie soooo much and i'm glad the pals ended up working things out in the end :sob sob:

it's so wholesome that they share the same core memories!!

and when winnies says the beast actually "looks kinda cute up close" haha!


This game is so good and warm heart (also super cute) I love this game, my lil Auggie&Winnie too they’re just too adorable precious beautiful bean🥹💖 I’ll make sure to draw fanart of this game and post it on my twitter soon everyone can go see it if u want to at @hanabi_bibibi_ Thanks!!


Love the game might tell my sis about it <3!!!


This is an incredible game and is currently my favorite RPG game of all time. I seriously love every aspect of this. The characters, the story, the stunning artwork, it's all created a game like no other. Your ability to draw dark scenes sets the dark tone of the game. The expressions of your characters are strong, and it made me empathize with them. If you ever release an art book for Cold Front, I'd love to buy it!

I was so invested in Augustine's story as I related to his deep insecurities a lot. It really felt like I was being gaslit by Winnie. I could feel the betrayal and resentment Augustine felt for Winnie, so I found myself always choosing to treat Winnie terribly. I think you can guess which ending I got first. I was happy when Winnie died, but after I got the second ending, I was even happier that he lived. I'm happy for Augustine. The honest conversation they had made me tear up. Seeing Winnie explain things from his perspective really showed how delusional Augustine's insecurities made him. I'm so glad they were able to work it out and have a happy ending. Ahhh god, I just love it so much. It's so rare to see stories of friendship, so this was just so refreshing to play. Thank you for creating this. I'll be thinking about it for a long time.

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One of my favorite games I've found on itch! Your artwork is amazing (I especially love Aug's character design), the story was super sweet, the relationship between Winnie and Aug was heartfelt, and the horror elements were used really effectively. My only critique is that some of the plot felt a bit rushed or over-explained through exposition, but that's understandable seeing that this was made for a quick game jam. Awesome job <3


THANK FOR MAKING !!!!!!!!!! SO EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD :0 :))))) <333 10/10


This game is so cute, and amazing, the art is immaculate, the story wants to make me cry, but also it's just really good anyway.


AHHH THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD GAME!! the story and art were really good, i loved the characters AND seeing the 2.5D style of your game was so cool it's making me want to try it!! Really inspiring and awesome game <:}




So good!


I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH!! The art, the sprites, the dialogue and text effects *chef's kiss*. Most of all, the friendship between the two main characters is so sweet. I had a lot of fun voicing them. I also appreciate the parallels between how they first met and their current relationship issues. Wholesome 10000000/10. Happy tears :,)

Very cute game! Beautiful art and charming characters. I enjoyed the mixed gameplay with 3D exploration and point-and-click elements. The prose was a bit wordy at times, especially towards the end. The story is sweeter than pure sugar, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to read hurt/comfort fanfiction at 2 AM in their bed with their phone's auto-rotate turned off.

Now, if you'll excuse me, all of this snow has me craving hot chocolate.


Gosh I love this two! this can open a lot of doors for you depending on your own experiences with friendship and jealousy. overall, I love this game! Widely recommended :)

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I really want to play this game but whenever I try to open it, it's just a black screen with a loading/buffering symbol in the top left corner, next to the name :(

Edit: I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no luck


this game was a really amazing experience,,i truly love your characters and their personalities, i hope to see you make more beautiful games like this in the future ^^


Honestly I was not expecting the game to be so deep and focus so heavily on the characters, it was really fun playing and seeing where they had wound up. The art was great and the design choice to create the abstract horror moments really stood out and made for some intimidating scenes. Loved it.



AMAZING. I simply loved this game... pity that my crappy PC stuttered during the action sequence but ok lol. So cool, varied gameplay, great aestetic and powerful atmosphere, never a dull moment...

I also feel very Augustine ^^'


I absolutely love the artwork and I'm having a lot of fun with this! But I have been stuck for probably an hour now on the chase sequence, I'm not sure if it's related to my skills or bad rng luck, I have been waiting for the screen to load, but even then I can never get to the end ;v,)


im so glad i found this! cute and great message, i thought there wasn't a bad ending then i checked the description and damn..both endings are so good, amazing game i love it so much!!!

i kinda thought they were gonna be a couple tho but they are still so cute, i love and relate with my boy auggie


holy mother of god this game was so good I cried SO HARD AM I ALLOWED TO MAKE FANART FOR THIS WONDROUS MASTERPIECE 

AAA i'm so happy that you enjoyed my game !! thank you SO much for playing it and even dropping by to leave this comment- and ofc i'd LOVE to see your art or any kind of content you make i'd be honored!!

cool! Check ur tumblr I sent it as an ask <3

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Rachel, this was fantastic! I really loved the way you had so many parallels through the story that made the story feel so cohesive and powerful. Both Auggie and Winnie were such compelling and relatable characters, and I feel like even in the short time we got to know them, I cared for them so much!

My gf and I played this together, and we were both just collectively gasping and giggling in glee with the atmosphere. Though I love the concept of "horror" I actually do pretty poorly with it. But your game gave me the perfect mix of "spooky and unsettling" atmosphere, combined with actual horrifying elements. The elk/bear creature was honestly terrifying, but SUCH a good symbol for their relationship. 

The narrative was strong, the quick time events pushed the interactivity up a notch, and really gave me a sense of urgency and agency playing the story. 

The art was beautiful, and helped the story keep momentum. You have a really great way of showcasing emotion through expressions and silhouettes. Well done!

From a technical standpoint, I'm honestly REALLY impressed! The first game I made was ALSO an RPGMaker game, but I've never seen a 2.5D game or quick time events like this! I'm totally going to look into some tutorials of how I could do something like this, so consider me inspired! 

I'll definitely check out your other work as well. Best of luck in your game dev journey, and I'd love to connect! -Leah





Such a good game. The visuals are stunning, the story is great, I had a lot of fun time with this. The horror and the sound design is great too and I really love the message of this game. Thank u for making this, really

hi there!! i'm honored that i was able to make something that you could enjoy! thank you for all the kind words/positive feedback towards the game, it truly means a lot!! i'm glad i was able to communicate the message and the story to you well. thank YOU instead for playing the game and even dropping by to comment this, super appreciate it!!


Wow, loved this! Pretty much amazing in every aspect. Loved the characters, loved the artstyle, loved the horror bits and overall just loved the experience. I hope you decide to submit this on rpgmakernet aswell, I'd love to put in a good word for the other mods and feature it on the front page!

aaa hi there!! thank you so so much for playing the game and even dropping by to leave this positive feedback, you have no idea how much it means to me! i'm so glad and honored that you enjoyed something i made. you just made my entire year! and wow, thank you so much for the opportunity and offer- i submitted a game page after reading your comment, here's the link to it! seems like it's pending! https://rpgmaker.net/games/12576/

once again thank you so much for checking cold front out and inspiring me to reach out more !!

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Great game, but I can't get past the first chase sequence. Every time I load in the area the monster gets me before I can start running since it loads before I can run away. I love the story so far, it's a shame I can't progress because of this bug.

edit: added an image where the thing got me literally before the screen was loaded in. My gaming computer is new and actually really good, so I don't know why this be happening on a game that shouldn't take much processing power.

(1 edit) (+1)

hi there! first of all thank you so much for checking out the game, i'm glad you're enjoying it so far and i'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble!

so after some investigation of what might be causing this issue, i think i figured out what's happening: the player is already transported to the chase map and is able to move around even when the screen is still faded to black.

here's the solution i can offer: the chase doesn't actually start until you take 3-4 steps to the front so to avoid having to run blindly you are allowed to wait/stand still on the spot without having to do anything until the screen is shown again! so don't press any movement keys and wait until the map is visible- and once the screen's back that's when you can start your chase!

hope this helped and once again thank you for dropping by and letting me know !!

ohh okay sweet, thanks SO much! i'll try it asap *thumbs up*


The artwork and story are so amazing and cute!

aaa i'm honored to hear that you think so !! tysm for dropping by to leave positive feedback, it means a lot!


Really fun, I loved both auggie and winnie. I think some of the quick time events were a little too fast but didn't impact the experience that much. The story was very good and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

that makes me so happy to hear !! you have no idea how much this means to me/encourages me- i'm super honored that you enjoyed something i made! thank you for letting me know how you felt with the QTE moments too, i'll make sure to keep that in mind when working on my future projects! thank you for checking the game out and even dropping by to leave this feedback, super appreciate you !!

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I love the visual. It was well drawn. (ノ*0*)ノ

aaa thank you !!! i'm super glad you enjoyed the CGs !!!