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Elevator Hitch
 is a short 2.5D surreal horror/escape room visual novel with point-and-click and puzzle elements following the story of two co-workers suddenly finding themselves stuck together in a "Perfectly Normal" 70s office elevator. 

They must explore each liminal-looking floor and find a way to
get off the elevator to their actual destinations.


✄ Development &  Story &  Graphics ✄
> Ekrix

☏ Composer & Sound Designer ☏
> BellKalengar

🗎 Features 🗎
> Original soundtrack
> 60+ CGs and 10+ backgrounds
> 3D map viewing + point-and-click style gameplay
> Character-driven story with lots of dialogue and choices
that effects your entire run
> Infinite suffering by incomprehensible horrors

☢ Estimated Play Time ☢
> 1 hour ~ 1 hour 20 minutes

☠ Number of Endings ☠
> 15
[+ Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run]

Here's the official puzzle/ending guide 
for anyone who may need it!


> There is no manual saving in this game.
> TWs include: graphic gore, blood, violence, disturbing imagery and audio, flashing/shaking images and eyestrain, shortly implied family abuse

This was a game completed in a month for submission in SpooktoberVNJam.

All tips and feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!


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Elevator Hitch (Windows).zip 604 MB
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everytime i try to get into this game it doesnt work because it just shows a bunch of files even when extract so also i tried to do it a different way and it still didnt work

Is anyone else unable to move the camera up or down? I'm stuck at the very start because nothings working. 

Nevermind i'm an idiot you just had to press enter


FANTASTIC GAME I HAD A BLAST!! i'm on a mac and played for an embarrassingly long time with it incorrectly downloaded, and once i fixed that it got even better (and made a lot more sense lol). 10/10 would recommend, the content warnings are accurate (which is super appreciated) and the game is a fun blend of funny and creepy that the art style compliments so so well :) 


(1 edit) (+1)

did someone cannot move the camera like me?? I've been tried every key on my keyboard but I still cant
I wanna find all of the ED pls anyone help me

(1 edit)

Yeah, I had this problem too. I hope it can be fixed soon :( the game is fun.

Edit: Ok I think I figured it out, you know how there is an area you're in before you can interact with the elevator door? that's the area where you can move the camera. You just have to press enter before you can move. I hope this helps!

OMG I can move it finally, tysm :


hOlY mOlY wow I just finished this game and it was much fun. do recommend

I am going to be surprised if this doesn't have some sort of fanbase


Theres this bug where if I interact w the coworker by touching the no smoking sign after I already died from that ending the game freezes, particularly after the protagonist says "I need to find some other way to convince him to let me borrow it" or something along those lines, it's a little frustrating because I'm trying to find a way right after that interaction but have to restart the game. I keep talking to him because I'm trying to see if a different dialogue path gives me any clues but I forget what I've already said so :/

Other than that though I'm really digging it! the art the aesthetic the music, its all very solid! I like it a lot :P looking forward to completing the game since I'm in the middle of playing rn lol its very stress/dread inducing in the good way, like the incorporation of timers. Ever since I was a kid timers in ANY game stressed me out so to see it used in a horror game fills me with even more anxiousness, very cool :]

its the second choice option where he asks if he can have a light i think

Hi!!! Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble progressing the game- I'll definetly look into fixing that in the next patch! But for now try clicking on the cigaratte tray on Floor 6 then initiate the lighter conversation and choose the Can I have a light option again! That'll hopefully let you progress it with no problem! Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for checking the game out !!


This was a blast to play through! The two coworkers personalities were great! This was one of my favorite escape room type games that I've played so far. The banter between the two characters really helped with the pacing! And the subtle hints given on what to do is really nice! The last ending was a bit confusing for me at first, I wasn't sure if it bugged out. But with everything that is going on in the story, I assume that it works as intended! (trying to avoid spoilers)  Thank you and everyone involved for taking the time to make this wonderful game!

Hello, the screen is not showing properly on my laptop. Any workaround?


i love the game,but damn i hope he escapes


AHHHHH playing this game was so lovely! The theme, characters, puzzles, and over all vibe was outstanding! 


I love it!


aaaaa hi omg i wanna play this game so bad but everytime i open it it goes soooo slow like i cleaned my pc out + extracted the files and whatnot and even deleted and reinstalled but it still goes so slow like it took me 5-10 minutes to wait for the screen to transition to gameplay and even that was stuck :( just wondering if anybody else has been having this problem

Me too!! im really interested in this game but its so slow that it wont even get past the warning and control screens at the beginning.. i have no clue what to do 


I need help with the secret ending...I finished all of the ending, I checked and made sure, but I don't know how to get ending 14. Help would be greatly appreciated!

if you scroll down in the comments a little someone said the ending for eaten where u pull out the CD w/o drugging it is different from feeding it something other than cake, in the guide it says or but for the secret ending you need to do both ! :]

philip guy woah


This was a really fun game! I loved thr graphics and puzzles :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello there! First, I gotta say I have been wanting to play this game since I saw the thumbnail. I don't know why, but it gives me the right vibres. I thought it was a detective game, admitedly. But the setting does not disappoint. I love the sprite art, I love the CGs (seriously love) and I love the quirkness of the characters. (And I can see why a few comments here were thinking this was going to be a shonen-ai, those two have such a fun dynamic.)

Great job with the programming too. I'm baffled how to made this. I'm guessing it's a fake menu all the other times?

Not gonna lie, I did need the guide to figure out what I needed to do. For one, it took me a while to figure out how to look around (I kept pressing the arrow buttons, not realizing the view of the bottom of the elevator door was the 3D map XD Which also felt like a weird CG to have there, from my POV...)

In another opportunity, I was messing up with the computer in the meat-wall and I added any letter to see if I would get a bad ending from that (I didn't). But then I couldn't seem to be able to erase those letters to be able to put the actual code (courtesy of the hole)... until I thought about using X. Really, a lot of brainfarting on my part. I don't know why I find the button setting so confusing lol.

So yeah, this is a well-deserved pick for second place for the spooktober contest. Congratulations to the team =)

(1 edit)

So... I'm having a bit of an issue running the game. I'm no genius when it comes to computers, so I don't understand why it's unable to complete the task. Do I need to unzip more files? Edit: When I open the game no images actually appear. It's mostly a blank screen and the character's silhouette with the ui. 

When you open the game from the very start before you start a new game can you see the title image along with the music?

Yes. I suppose I should have better worded that it appears to be normal until past the instructions.

There is no image/the sprite is silhouetted at the start of the game on purpose! Keep continue through the text and eventually you will see visuals. 

Omg. My impatience will be the death of me. I am so sorry for this. Thank you for taking your time nevertheless!

You're perfectly fine!!! Thank you so much for asking + checking the game out, hope you enjoy it!!! 💞💕


so idk if it's just me but when i open the box in the kid's room i only find the drawing and no sleeping pill. Am i supposed to do something in particular to have it or is it a bug ? 

the placement of the sleeping pill is randomized every time you restart the room so if it isn't in the box try to look for it in other areas like the bed or the drawers! 


I had so much fun with this game!! My original plan was to avoid bad endings, but they were just so enjoyable I started going out of my way to find different endings 😅

The characters were so freaking funny - I loved their interactions! The art was also amazing 💕

Unfortunately, my game audio didn't record for some reason ;~; but I still had sooo much fun recording it! 

The secret ending is that an exit door appears and there is a black screen and the sound of footsteps going down a staircase and nothing else?

Or is there a bug?


How are they not gay? They have to be gay right


this is awesome. I love men


can you please make the protagonists gay i think that would be pretty cool.

HASJHBAS there might be a mod that has fruity interactions


Oh, my gosh I loved this game! It was soooo much fun to record. I absolutely loved the humor and the art!!


Ok so I did every possible ending (to my knowledge) and got a fire exit, a black screen, and footsteps, this the final ending? Or have I been duped


Hey! I've been having trouble with the Mac version. Whenever I open up the game it looks normal but, as I start a new game, the screen just stays black. I can still hear the background music and clicking sounds for when you interact with something but other than that, the game stays completely frozen. I don't know if this might be a bug or if it's just my computer, but I already downloaded it multiple times, according to the instructions, and it still doesn't work. :(



if anyone is having trouble getting the final ending, there's a difference between feeding the mouth food that isn't the cake and getting the shiny thing before you've put the room to sleep for ending 3B. Like I know it says 'or' but you actually need to do both and then you'll unlock the final ending



after working around the controls I FINISHED IT FINALLY ITS SO GOOD

(1 edit) (+3)

I never played visual novel before and I looooved this game! The art style was an enjoyment and I thought the protagonists were gay.I think the spookiest part of the game is not dying in various ways but that escape end. It gives me weird feelings that I cannot put into words. btw my top 1 fear is elevator, it consists of 90% of my nightmares.

(1 edit)

hey, there seems to be something wrong with the game, i cant get ending 4 bc it wont even let me click on the mirror 
EDIT: Turns out nothing was wrong im just a little stupid


I love it! The art style is beautiful and the endings are really creatives! Every floor gives a different vibe, yet all are scary and suspicious somehow!

(im so sorry i thought they were gay and this was a dating sim)) anyway I ended up playing the best game on thi
s platform

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

(1 edit) (+2)

Same I really want them to have some interactions but it ended up being a great experience! The game is not gay at all, you just can't pair them up hahahaa

(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing horror game with great art as always, I recommend it! It was fun to see all the different ways things could go wrong. Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

The puzzles flowed well because exploring the different floors naturally helped me progress. I also liked the tone of "corporate surrealism" that the dialogue was going for. I didn't remember to mention it in the video, but I felt like it had an "American Psycho (2000)" feel to it.

Of course, there's the usual bugs that the other comments have mentioned, but I'll state what I experienced:

  • The FN key doesn't exist on my desktop keyboard, so I can't look up.
  • If you interact with the no-smoking sign on the wall after getting the related ending, it softlocks.
  • The secret after completing all endings doesn't activate (I tried multiple playthroughs and even save editing, but it refuses to work!)

However, my biggest piece of feedback is probably the controls. RPGmaker buttons with point-and-click adventure mouse cursor makes it awkward on my hands because I have to switch back and forth all the time. I think consolidating everything into first-person controls would work best (i.e. WASD + mouse).

Overall though, this is probably a highlight for the Spooktober visual novel jam for me.


This game is so fun! The art is pretty good and puzzles were not too easy, not too difficult


I really loved this game! I wasn't able to get the extra cutscene when you finished all the other endings, nor was I able to look up when maneuvering in the elevator but it was still very enjoyable! I loved the weird environments and our quirky coworker. Thank you so much for sharing this game!

I played this for my Youtube, if you're interested in checkin it out then you can click here!


Super atmospheric - well done.


The fun is infinite because the elevator goes on forever


Phenomenal game! Artsyle's lovely, puzzles are great, and the story and atmosphere is awesome! Can't wait to check out the rest of your library, great job on this

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