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Did not have a funcional left kidney, otherwise amazing game

Finally played this after seeing great reviews, and I can see why! Really cool concept of a game.

I love this game so much! the only problem is that I can't progress through it and get the 'Push Further' option when I'm in the doppelgänger floor, anyone know how to fix please?

I'm trying to download it with a Chromebook but its not working. Does anyone have any tips or places they can tell me to go? (I've tried all existing YouTube tutorials. Pls help)


amazing artstyle, huge fan of this game 100% recommend if you love indie horror


was super excited to play this game but I found I couldn't actually progress with any of the puzzles because my game seemed to just not remember that I had played it before and kept restarting the game from the very beginning no matter what ending I got :(

I loved the graphics and story concept, Its absolutely amazing! alot of the endings were shocking and some heartbreaking, I loved it. this is a whole new experience and I had alot of fun !


I have never became more hyperfixated on a game that I just randomly discovered than this one. Holyyy shit. Amazing work.

THIS, So real



OH I HAD SO MUCH FUN PLAYING THIS GAME I LOVED IT!! it's so creepy and even though if you die you can just restart easily, somehow making the wrong choice or even thinking about making the wrong choice spooked me in a good way !! i loved how even the things i would never even think could be alive WERE ALIVE that was so insane!! gosh it's a very good game :)

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back again hoping it'll work this time :') (my keyboard wouldnt let me look up or down due to it also being the volume buttons) edit: turns out i just needed to press Z

This game was amazing, I love the characters and the art of game so much



the ending in which their heads exploded scared the shit outta me 💀

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love how this is the top comment so me scrolling down to the download button spoiled the entire game

maybe could of added a few extra lines inbetween the spoiler warning and spoiler lol

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nevermind theres multiple endings

crisis averted

that's good

sorry if i ruined anything for u


Cool little extra here: when you call manuel for help, right before it says i love you, theres a bit of morse code that says "leave"

i forgot if i commented on here b4 BUT I LOVE THIS GAME SMMJUFDNLFHIUJ

the way my game- how did this even happen ;w; 

Hello! I've been having a problem with floor 8, every time I go back to it, I die, hit new game, go straight to floor 8 again, and Coworker doesn't say anything, and I die again. Is this a glitch? 

retried to launch the game today.. and it worked but its EXTREMELY laggy and slow :( i have to hold the space bar just so it passes by the dialog.. 47 within the game I only made it to protag trying to introduce himself.. can any1 help with this?.. bc deadplate works perfectly fine besides for EH and CF 


sososo i loaded into the game and stuff, but the problem is that im struggling to get out of lower perspective D: can anyone help?


I'm struggling with the same thing, did you work it out?


I had a great time playing this. The game is really twisty and works around everything. I do like it a lot. I did not get to explore all the endings but it is a very great game. Beautifully horrific job!

I really enjoyed this game and like the unique concept.I just have one problem,Idk if this is meant to be the secret ending or not (I got every ending except for 14) but the elevator door got replaced by a firedoor and whenever I go through it my game freezes so I cant see what happens.Other than that Ive had no issues other than my game crashing once or twice.I love the games you produce and hope to see more,keep up the great work!


That is ending 14, but the screen should fade to black and you should hear running footsteps, I dont think its meant to be any more then that cause I had that too. deleting the extracted file and re extracting it should do the trick

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Okay thanks.I just went on yt to see the ending since nothing worked for me

Heya.. didn't get ending 14! Any idea what thats about?

Never completed it either, but from what i heard its about dying...again..and again...dunno

can some1 pls help.. whenever I launch this game it always lags and freezes.. the only scenes i made it to was literally the menu and the instructions to how to work the controls :( everytime i try waiting patiently i make it to a black screen.. and the black screen does nothing else.. pls help!! (this is the same for coldfront too but deadplate works fine)

help i cant turn arnd left or right n i have an apple keyboard im using the arrows keys n it wont work please help


there should be a button for when you are in the elevator, located at the bottom right i believe, click on that and it'll give you a low perspective. then, youll be able to turn.

amazing game its so diff yet similar to the other games by this team i love it sm

THIS GAME WAS ACTUALLY SO FIRE I wish there was a way to keep all ur progress even after ending one but aside form that, this was a rlly fun expirience. Might be the best game i've ever played if im being honest. :3

I can't really figure out why the "Push Further" option doesn't pop up when I click on Dopple-Co-Worker despite how many times I've died on that level ... Is there a reasoning to why that happens? The cigarettes on the office floor also don't really let me click on them either..

really an interesting game! i enjoyed it a lot! but i have a question, how do i get the ending 14? i've done all of the ending except the 14 :c


This game was very fun! I liked it a lot and the rat scene made me laugh.


I'm not sure if this was ending 14 triggering (if it isn't I don't know how to) but I started a new game after getting every other ending and I found out the character's names?? Cool!

what are their names?

Take this with a grain of salt, I'm very forgetful, but I think the protagonist is Chase and the Co-Worker is Bryce or something


wow,it's a good work.I like the art work and the characters.Though I haven't get the all ads,but I have already loved it...

I had a lot of fun playing this game!!!!, love the art, dialogue, and story. I also was able to get all the ending including the secret one. Don't worrying I won't spoil it. Though I'm pretty sure there is a slight bug that for one of the ending, it wont technically count as fulfilling it, if you do it in a certain way. and you have to find an alterative way to do that ending. this is a spoiler but it is the 3B ending Eaten. I made a slightly edited version of the walkthrough to help people out. 3B Ending: Eaten walkthrough

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Hi! i love the game, and I have watched multiple playthroughs. the art and story is a w e s o m e. but, I think I might be doing something wrong, since it keeps not letting me enter the game after I put it in the applications folder. it constantly tells me "game quit unexpectedly", and "Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11". Is there a way I can solve this?


very fun ... my friend recommended it to me. i love the art style & the psychological horror aspect of it !! i thought i got all endings and have like 15 signs in total on the wall but i have no idea how to unlock ending 14 LOL

this game is amazing and so much fun,   I got all the endings (except 14 apparently) and I can say I like that it could make me laugh and how some endings could make me flinch.I def recommend it if you enjoy exploring your options and I especially liked the endings escape, radiation, and hired! :3

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Amazing game I had soo much fun. ^-^

In case it will help someone I'll post here what i did before ED 14 activated for me. 

When I got the ED 1 I had total of 11 endings. Then i returned for the rest (this time i skipped most of the puzzles since I wrote everything down) and got ED 4 And 13 and closed the game. Then I realized that there is in fact 15 endings and got ED 9 and ED 14 just triggered.

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If you just started playing, leme give you some tips:

Don t try getting ending 1 before completing all the other endings (thats what i did and i had to play the game once more because after completing ed 1 you lose everything/the game restarts/, and you have to solve the puzzles once more^^)

If I ever figure out how to get ending 14, ill tell ya

this game was great and super fun to play but i did a play through where i made sure to get every single ending and didn't get ending 14??? is there something i do before getting escape or what?

how do you get the ending where you see the fire exit i got all the endings expect for that one :')


i completed all endings except ending 14. i can see the fire exit in front of me, but when i click on it, i cant do anything but listen to someone run upstairs forever. im not sure if this is intended but oh well. the game overall was really creative and i really enjoyed playing :)

how did you even get to have the exit in front of you?? i get to the escape ending and then the gam just ends there even if i get everything else

i really dont know. i just completed all the endings and was stuck in that elevator with the fire escape. i couldnt go to any other floors either

its the same for me.Someone told me to delete the extracted file and reinstall it but it didnt work for me,though you could try. I would just recommend going on yt to see 

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